PONIKY /Podpoľanie/


Two original artworks are available from the PONIKY painting – the 1/3 edition (80x120cm) and the 3/3 edition (120x180cm). Edition 2/3 is listed in a private collection. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Exclusively printed on archival paper ILFORD GALLERY Prestige FINE ART TEXTURED, 220g/m2, in museum quality with 100-year color durability guarantee. Manually signed and numbered by authors, with certificate of originality included. The white margins around the print allow easy framing. In this limited edition of Fine Art Print, we guarantee a maximum of 100 pieces of one artwork. Choice of 4 dimensions, prices shown only for the first 40 reproductions.



Excelent handywork with sewing tiny glass pearls forming a floral motive is reflected on whole painting. Authors based it on red, yellow and blue colour which were most used in folk dress in village. First documented “parta” of Poníky can be found on photography from late 19th century. Composed of headband made of thin wood wrapped by cloth and decorated with glass pearls and stripes. Another part was “kotúčka” made of wire wrapped in monochromatic stripe and fantails and brooch, two standing pistils also great needle and “podväzky”- colourfull stripes of pink, blue or green colour. Last traditional wedding was held in 1957 with this “parta”. In 2015 folk event of Children folk festival was wedding recreation on which you were able to see 24 traditional “partas” of the village.