No original artworks are available from HRUŠOV. Editions 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3 are included in private collections.


Exclusively printed on archival paper ILFORD GALLERY Prestige FINE ART TEXTURED, 220g/m2, in museum quality with 100-year color durability guarantee. Manually signed and numbered by authors, with certificate of originality included. The white margins around the print allow easy framing. In this limited edition of Fine Art Print, we guarantee a maximum of 100 pieces of one artwork. Choice of 4 dimensions, prices shown only for the first 40 reproductions.


Digital print on photo quality matte poster paper, 135g/m2. White margins around the print for easy framing. Choose from 2 dimensions. The poster comes without a frame and is packed in a tube.



Colourfull and varied dress of Hrušov was placed as central motive of painting through many different floral motives, which are numerously used in embroidery for decades. Status of woman and girl in village society was symbolised by head covering. While married women were characterised by “cap” younger maiden women were always without a head covering and with long pigtail. Oldest foundation of “parta” of Hrušov came from middleage burial site digged up in 1974 in “Nad bralom” part of village. First photo of “parta” is dated in 1900. Young girl is wearing folk wedding dress joined by “parta” with rosemary wreath. Between two world wars was “parta” replaced by wreath. “Parta” is now used only on events of scenic folk group of Hrušov.