CÍFER /Bratislava a okolie/


Two original artworks are available from the CÍFER painting – the 1/3 edition (80x120cm) and the 3/3 edition (120x180cm). Edition 2/3 is listed in a private collection. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Exclusively printed on archival paper ILFORD GALLERY Prestige FINE ART TEXTURED, 220g/m2, in museum quality with 100-year color durability guarantee. Manually signed and numbered by authors, with certificate of originality included. The white margins around the print allow easy framing. In this limited edition of Fine Art Print, we guarantee a maximum of 100 pieces of one artwork. Choice of 4 dimensions, prices shown only for the first 40 reproductions.




Authors on this paintings used pattern of drawing based on rose and apple motives and leaves made by plastic line of needlework. Needlework of Cífer has long history. It was known also abroad. By look painting is suppose to show expectation, thats why authors highlighted models blue eyes with black-golden edge. Symbolical meaning of golden colour as heavenly light which is symbol of knowledge. This “parta” was typical for region of lower Považie specialy for surroundings of Cífer village. It was composed of white cloth ended with lace. Decorations were glass pearls, tiny mirrors, strings made of spiral shaped wire, stripes, white cloth flowers and rosemary. Back part of “parta” was ended by silk stripes and silver or golden thread. “Parta” used to be worn till 1955 when it was replaced by wreath.