Visit of permanent representatives OECD in Slovakia – Program for partners, 3rd April, 2019

The exhibition of artistic paintings “Party in the 21st Century” and folk costume and “party” was the final point of the program specially prepared for partners of the ambassadors of OECD member countries in Bratislava, which was held on April 3 at Aucafe in Bratislava. Presenter Vera Wister, together with Peter Ilko, project manager, presented to the foreign guests the theme of the exhibition and the authors of the project, who answered questions about paintings and historical “party” on mannequins.

LSZL8886.JPG copy

Exhibition at Gallery Vážka, Trenčín, 29th January 2019

Already the 30th presentation of the “Party in the 21st Century” project took place on January 29, 2019 at the Gallery Vážka  in Trenčín. More than 60 attending art and history lovers were welcomed by the gallery owner Mr. Ivan Motyčka and the gallerist Mr. Norbert Šlachta. The whole evening appeared in a relaxed atmosphere, the authors talked about the beginnings of the project, their past exhibitions and plans in the future. Guest were most interested in the newest painting “Dobrá Niva”, which was featured for the first time as the 43rd artpiece of the collection. The paintings will be on display  in Trenčín until 3rd March and then they will go to an exhibition in Warsaw.

Exhibition: 30.01. – 03.03.2019

Gallery: Galéria Vážka, Trenčín

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 11.00-17.00 / Saturday: 09.30-12.30 / Sunday: closed

Days with participation of authors: 02. – 03.03.2019 from 11.00 to 17.00


Exhibition in Trenčín, Vážka Gallery // 29th January 2019 – 3th March 2019

Place: Vážka Gallery, Mierové námestie 19, Trenčín

Vernissage: 29th January 2019 // 17.00h

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 11.00-17.00 / Saturday: 09.30-12.30 / Sunday-closed

Days with participation of authors: 2nd & 3th March 2019 // 11.00-17.00h

pozvánka Trenčín


Illustrated talkshow Piatecezdeviate, 19th December 2018

Awarding Goodwill Envoy Awards, Bratislava 12th December 2018

Private Gallery Tour, 11th December 2018

pozvanka Party21art

Date: 11.12. 2018
Centralne Studio, OC Central, Metodova 6, Bratislava
Contact: 0905260564 /0903926330

Exhibition at Slovak Embassy in Berlin, 28th November 2018 – 9th January 2019

Womanoffice Talkshow, Bratislava 8th October 2018

On day 08.10.2018 was female part of our group “Party v 21. storočí” specifically Zuzana Senášiová and Katarína Chrabrečeková participating on Womanoffice Talk show of Slovak Business Agency. Talk show was based on female business and its qualitative growth. Hosted by Lucia Veselská director of contest “Podnikateľka Slovenska”.

Main objective was business as path of life and life style it was also chance for us to take a part in discussion with contest winners Kristína Letková-Vasečková who is also a puppeteer and owns a puppet theatre together with MaKile agency joined by Mia Kurucová hers business is specialized on dogs. She has opened first bakery for dogs “MSL” and also first dogs café “MLSkafé”. Both these ladies were nominated in category “Inovatívna podnikateľka” (Meaning: Inovative businesswoman).

Foto: Milan Krupčík


Exhibition at RegionArt Gallery Prievidza // 4th October – 2nd November 2018


Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-17:00 // Entry fee: 0.50/1 (child/adult)

Web: http://www.rkcpd.sk/galeria-regionart-pri-rkc/plan-vystav.html?page_id=308

Press: https://www.teraz.sk/regiony/vystava-v-prievidzi-party/353047-clanok.html

pozvanka Prievidza.pdf


Invitation for Tatra´s Gallery of Poprad exhibition 24th September – 21st October 2018

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 09.00-18.00 / Sunday: 14.00-18.00 / Saturday-closed

Days with participation of authors: 24. 09. – 26. 09.2018 // 18. 09. – 21. 10.2018

Web: http://www.tatragaleria.sk

Poprad vystava.pdf




First permanent painting exhibition “Party v 21. storočí” 6th September 2018

We have great news for you! Together with “Reštaurácia Pivnica u zlatej husi” we have prepared a permanent exhibition of our work. From now on, you may taste delicious meals and enjoy modern art in one place! You will find dozens of original paintings together with Fine art prints and part of our summer exterieur exhibition as well. We are waiting for you in the village of “Slovenský Grob”.

Web: https://www.zlatahus.sk/


23. Hontianska paráda in Hrušov 17th – 18th August 2018

Hontianska paráda was the last folk festival of this year, where you were able to enjoy the exhibition of “Party v 21. storočí” and feel the unique atmosphere of our folk traditions. The village of Hrušov attracted thousands of visitors this year. With an admirable view of the village surroundings, you have also been able to see paintings from all around Slovakia, especially from Hont region, not so far away Cerovo and Hronské Kľačany from Tekov region.

Press: https://mynovohrad.sme.sk/c/20898446/v-hrusove-tradicie-nezapadaju-prachom-foto.html#ixzz5RZ1KPO7D


56. Jánošíkové dni in Terchová 2nd – 5th August 2018

02During the 56th year of international folk festival “Jánošíkové dni” in Terchová, you have been able to visit our external exhibition of “Party v 21. storočí” paintings.

The Exhibition was visited by more than 80 000 people. They were able to speak with the authors of this project.

We have been visited by people from Poland, Czech Republic and also from Hungary.

,,This year was special, because of the 330th anniversary of birth of Juraj Jánošik and also 100th anniversary of the end of Great war and creation of Czechoslovakia. All of this was resonating through the whole program and what really surprised me…people were really interested. They have seen natural reaction in celebrations, nothing fake, no official masquerade and at the same time they connected with the natural surroundings of the village of Terchová. We have celebrated a man, who spent his whole life in Terchová and was a participant in legendary uprising of Kragujevać” explained by Mr. Cabadaj.

Press:  https://kultura.pravda.sk/festivaly/clanok/479303-janosikove-dni-boli-rekordne-spojili-takmer-cely-svet/


Costumed brides of our region

In cooperation with “Podtatranské Noviny” we are presenting you series on “Parta” of our brides from Tatra´s region. (Parta – is a type of a fancy headband, the symbol of adult unmarried girls).



64. Folklórny festival of Východná 28th June -1st July 2018

During the folk festival of Východná you were able to see an external exhibition of “Party v 21. storočí” paintings, which covered surroundings of the main courtyard.

It was the 3rd time we have introduced you to our show and this time, on the main stage of Folk festival Východná. For the 3rd time, our paintings and models of Miss Folk literally came out of the limited edition of “Party v 21. storočí” paintings. The Whole atmosphere was lifted by amazing dancers of CreDance and the event was presented by Pavol Pitoňák.

Special thanks for the photos goes to Roman Krnáč and LSZ PHOTOGRAPHY

Video: https://www.facebook.com/party21art/videos/1816543591724689/


Veľkolepá prehliadka Party v 21. storočí NAŹIVO na Folklórny festival Východná. Účinkujúci: MISS FOLKLOR & CreDance. Scénické uvedenie: Pavol Pitoňák Choreografia: Lacko Cmorej

Zveřejnil(a) Party v 21. storočí dne Sobota 30. červen 2018

50. Abovské folklórne slávnosti Euro Folk in Rozhanovce 16th -17th June 2018

Abovské folklórne slávnosti Euro Folk Rozhanovce is one of most prestigious folk festivals in region of Košice with foreign country participation. There were more than 380 participants involved in the program. The celebrations were held in a wooden amphitheatre situated near the village hall. Traditionally, part of the program was a folk parade passing through the village. Fame was gained by “Rozhanovská svadba” (Wedding of Rozhan) folk wave, a radio show which was first run by Radio journal of Košice in 1932.

Even in 2018, the main motive of the program was focused on wedding theme. An installation of “Party v 21. storočí” was placed in the surroundings of amphitheatre, where you could admire a collection of paintings, nearly perished traditional “Párt” (sing. Parta- ancestral folk head covering of brides) and wreaths from whole Slovakia. Eastern Slovakia was represented by Parchovany and Valiliky.


Bešeňová Fashion Opening 16th June 2018

16The 2018 summer season in Bešeňová started in style and in the name of exclusive fashion parade “Party v 21.storočí”.

Hotel Galeria Thermal was transformed to a real gallery of fine paintings. The event was opened by Czech model Simona Krainová together with Cigánsky diabli, who created an amazing atmosphere with their music. Fitness model Zora Czoborová joined along with the hotel´s CEO Jaroslav Čefom to cut a 1 year hotel´s anniversary cake.

,,The Celebration was huge and there are no doubts that it was a party of 21st Century. During the whole evening, we have been able to see folk models dressed up in folk costumes, amazing stunts of dancers and the voice of singer Veronika Strapková.”

Press: https://galeriathermal.sk/sk/besenova-fashion-opening-ked-sa-event-podari/


52. Celoštátny ľudovo-umelecký festival in Želiezovce 8th – 10th June 2018

The vernissage was held in the surroundings of Esterhazy´s manor and was started by mayor of Želiezovce Ondrej Juhász Juhász joined by his deputies Mr. and Mrs. Juhász, Mr. Polk and other invited guests. The exhibition was made of 24 large scale paintings.

The organisers in charge of the festival were Republiková rada and the county committee of Csemadok organization, Nadácia čistý prameň. It is one of the oldest folk gigs of Hungarian nationals living in Slovakia. During this festival, you could see folk dance, program for children, try some special regional meals and even learn folk dancing in the school of folk dance.

Press: https://ma7.sk/tajaink/a-nepmuveszet-szerelmesei-zselizen


Summer Exhibition Tour “Party in the 21st Century”

Search for “PARTY” on folk festivals this Summer!


Party in the 21st Century and Slovensko v obrazoch

“Slovensko v obrazoch” and “Party in the 21st Century

At the beginning of December 2017, you could see us in reportage ,,Slovensko v obrazoch”, where we informed you of the latest vernissage from Dom umenia Piešťany and presented to you the new CD PARTY in the 21st CENTURY.

Press: http://www.rtvs.sk/televizia/archiv/11756/142434#695


Magazin “Circle” and “Party in the 21st Century”

We are pleased to announce that we are interested in editing the Circle Foundation for Arts, who chose our image CÍFER 1/3 and published it in quarterly magazines that “appreciate” artists who are trending or using original artworks in the art.

Leaf through the spring edition of QUIRTERLY ART REVIEW https://circle-arts.com/circle_quarterly_3/ and created by artists from 38 countries. In this release, they review current trends and original techniques in the field of painting, photography, sculpture, collage, illustration, digital, mixed and new media, and unfolding discourse about what art is and what it looks like today. They focus on a wide range of aesthetics and provide you with an exclusive selection of artwork to be collected.


Magazin CIRCLE

Opening ceremony in Rivington Street Gallery New York – USA 22nd May 2018

For the first year of the project ,,Party in the 21st Century”, it has made an incredible success. A stand-alone exhibition in a famous part of Manhattan on Rivington Street Galerry. On Tuesday, May 22, a magnificent opening of the opening in New York was held and the exhibition helped organize Consulate General of Slovakia in New York.

Opening ceremony was attended by the Consul General of the Slovak Republic Ladislava Begeç, Ambassador / Permanent Representative of Slovakia to the United Nations Michal Mlynár together with his wife, wife of President of the United Nations General Assembly Jarmila Lajčáková-Hargašová, US Foreign Missions Brooke E. Knobel and many other Slovaks living in New York. The vernissage was composed by songs from the CD – PARTY in the 21st CENTURY singer Veronika Strápková and the authors of the project.

Exhibition tour ,,Party in the 21st Century” in Canada and the US supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

Photographer: Paul Martinka


DC Embassy Chef Challenge Washington – USA 17th May 2018

The Slovak culture traditions were presented in the capital of the United States by ,,Party in the 21st Century” project artists. It was on the occasion of the popular annual competition of the chefs working for the embassies in Washington DC from countries around the world.

 “They also asked how the paintings were created because it is something unique for the people. It is a combination of several types of art from face painting,  art painting and photography. For the people it was kind of strange, they did not know what the painting is, what is a photography and where it goes into the painting. This was very appealing to them, “said Sabo.

After the end of the exhibitions in Washington, the authors moved to New York, where they have already been last year opening a fashion show during the fashion week in September last year.

Exhibition tour ,,Party in the 21st Century” in Canada and the US supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.


International Club D.C. event, Washington – USA 15th May 2018

On May 15, 2018, Embassy of Slovakia in Washington DC, held an event together with the International Club DC. Where guests could see and admire the work of the ,,Party in the 21st Century” collection. The invited guests were listening to the folk songs from the Party in the 21st century CD performed by the singer and model on one of the paintings, Veronika S.

In Washington, the authors unveiled not only the original paintings, but also six Slovak costumes and a face painting show, created on the spot by talented Andrea Ľubocká.

Exhibition tour ,,Party in the 21st Century” in Canada and the US supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

More informations: https:https://svet.sme.sk/c/20830244/washington-zil-cez-tyzden-slovenskym-folklorom.html#ixzz5GMk3e7mk


Festival Re:publika – 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia 26th May – 17th June 2018

From New York directly to Brno on the next celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia. On 26 May 2018, the festival Re: publika 2018, which took place on the Brno Exhibition Center until 17 June 2018, Slovak Republic represented the project Party in the 21st Century . During the duration of the festival you have the opportunity to see 22 original paintings and over the weekend to meet the project’s authors.

We celebrate 100 years of independence, but the great historical milestones are just an opportunity for us to focus on personal, human stories, thousands of moments of joy, happiness, but also confusion or fears. We will not be a national fair, but a festival of emotions – an experience!“ recognized by Creative Director Pavel Anděl.

Video by Michal Tarabík: https://www.facebook.com/party21art/videos/1772926819419700/

Press: https://www.aktuality.sk/clanok/594884/cesko-a-slovensko-oslavuju-storocnicu-a-zadarmo/


EU Open House at the Slovak Embassy in Washington DC – USA 12th May 2018

European embassies have presented culture, tradition, gastronomy and travel opportunities to visit at the old continent. Slovakia has shown tradition with innovation.

“We wanted to be original and come up with something new, but also to continue that, which we know has a great success, especially here in Washington DC”, explains Jozef Polakovič, delegate of the ambassador. The beauty, art and tradition were presented by project “Party in 21th Century” that’s currently on tour around Northern America. Slovak folk songs in modern take were sung by singer Veronika S., with the accompaniment by the composer Matúš Ferko.

“The feedback from people was amazing. Everyone was wondering, where did the “partas”(traditional headwear worn by brides on wedding day) came from, and I think that they will remember where Slovakia is, what it means to their people and what history it has” said the projects photographer Ľubomír Sabo.

Exhibition tour ,,Party in the 21st Century” in Canada and the US supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.



Opening ceremony in Ottawa City Hall – Canada 3rd May 2018

Under the auspices of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Ottawa in cooperation with the city of Ottawa, on 3rd May 2018, a ceremonial opening ceremony took place in Ottawa City Hall, opened by the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Canada, Andrej Droba, Member of the City Council Michael Qaqish, who greeted guests in the name of Mayor Ottawa and a Member of the Canadian Parliament of Slovak origin Michelle Rempel. More than 150 guests were invited at the reception, from Slovaks living in Canada to ambassadors and politicians. Throughout the evening, singer Veronika Strapkova was singing songs from CD Party in the 21st century as a piano accompanist by Matus Ferko.

Exhibition tour ,,Party in the 21st Century” in Canada and the US supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

31898736_10155282340080825_7264466087696138240_o copy

USA / Canada Exhibition Tour 2018

cover us turne AJ

Exhibition tour is supported using public funding by Slovak Art Council.


Vernisage: 3rd May 2018 at 6 p.m. / Ottawa City Hall

Exhibition:  4th – 8th May 2018 / Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Ottawa


EU EMBASSIES OPEN HOUSE: 12th May 2018 / Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Washington

INTERNATIONAL CLUB D.C.: 15th May  2018 / Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Washington

EVENTS DC EMBASSY CHEF CHALLENGE: 17th May  2018 / Ronald Reagan Building


Vernisage: 22nd May  2018 at 7 p.m. / Rivington Street Gallery

Exhibition:  22nd – 28th May 2018 / Rivington Street Gallery


Cultural center Údolia Bodvy a Rudohoria brings the exhibition Party in the 21st Century to Košice 4th -29th April 2018

The emphasis on every detailed painting of the project proves that the ,,Party in the 21st Century” represents a project of a mighty artistic and historical legacy.

The project ,,Party in the 21st Century” Art Exhibition, which is open to the public in Košice,  Kasárne / Kulturpark – Bravo building from April 4 to 29, is a part of this 17th and 20th century folk clothing from today’s point of view.

Part of the exhibition will be the author’s days in the days 5 – 8 April and 26 – 29 April 2018 in opening hours from 11:00 to 18:00. At the meetings with the visitors of the authors, they discuss the creation of the project, parts, art, accompanying music and everything that people are interested in. There will always be at least one ethnologist and one of the authors of the project.

Interview in Radio Regina Východ: http://www.rtvs.sk/radio/archiv/1541/902043

Web: http://www.k13.sk/udalosti/party-v-21-storoci-vystava/

plagat kosice.pdf

Exhibition at Slovak Institute in Prague 5th – 28th March 2018

Prague, Czech Republic

After a successful presentation of Slovakia at the Winter Olympic Games 2018 in South Korea, the exhibition Party in the 21st century was again returned to Europe, this time to Prague on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia.
The limited collection of paintings, created during the three-year intensive collaboration between photographers Zuzana Sénášiová and Ľubomír Sabo, painter Sarah I. Avni, as well ethnologist Katarína Chabrečeková, presented by the gallerist Norbert Šlachta and the evening host, Vladimír Valovič.

On the vernissage were presented three new paintings for the first time and were placed to the collection. The unique atmosphere of this gala evening culminated in an original musical performance by singer Veronika Strapková.

Opening hours:

Mon – Fri : 12.00 – 18.00

Weekends: closed

Free entry!

pozvanka na vystavu

Winter Olympic Games – South Korea 9th – 25th February 2018

Pyeongchang, South Korea

February 9, 2018 entered into history as the day of the official opening of the 23rd Winter Olympic Games. As is customary, the Olympics offers a great platform for the presentation of the cultures of the participating nations. In South Korea, the “Party in the 21st Century” has the opportunity to represent Slovak culture and traditions. The whole exhibition was part of the decoration “Slovak House” throughout the whole WOG 2018.

“We believe, judging by the reactions, that Slovakia may be proud of its presentation in South Korea,” said team of authors of the project Party in the 21st Century.

Ešte jeden letmý pohľad na atmosféru otvorenia Slovenského domu 🙂

Zveřejnil(a) Slovenský olympijský tím dne Neděle 11. únor 2018


Symbolic opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games 2018 in Jasná

Jasná – Biela Púť

On the occasion of the Winter Olympic Games in 2018, held in South Korea’s city Pyeongchang, the Slovak Olympic Committee with partners brought a taste of the Olympic atmosphere to the slopes of the Jasná ski resort.
The symbolic opening of the Arena of the Slovak Olympic Team in Jasná had a unique touch of the world event, it was an unforgettable experience of the winter season 2018. We experienced the arrival of torches and the fires of the Olympic Fire, met many famous athletes and showed a unique folklore show with the project “Party in the 21st Century”. This project was decorated with an extraordinary fashion show, as well as a musical-dance performance with an audiovisual accompaniment featuring decorative traditional “party”. These periodic and original elements of the feasting of the hair were presented on the Biela Púť. The project addresses the modern form of the contemporary viewer in order to recognize or remind the diversity of the cultural heritage of Slovakia.
Video: Michal Tarabík
Photo: Peter Reefe Kováč

Limited edition of signed Fine Art Prints with CEO

Limited edition of signed Fine Art Prints from collection ,,Party in the 21st Century” already on Sale! You can come to see it in our studio in OC Central personally, the pieces on the picture are immediately available. From each visual, only 100 pieces of Fine Art Prints printed on a 100-year color-saving gallery paper, with CEO, will be available in four sizes:
A3 – 350EUR
A2 – 500EUR
A1 – 750EUR
A0 – 1000EUR
LSZL2716 copy
For more information please contact us: 0905 260 564 (Ľubo) or 0903 926 330 (Zuzana).

Exhibition at House of Art Piešťany November 2017 – January 2018

On Friday, 10th November 2017, a ceremonial opening of the exhibition ,,Party in the 21st Century”, dedicated to Professor Štefan Nosáľ, took place at the House of Art Piešťany. During the opening, which was attended by about 80 invited guests, baptism was made with a CD of the same name, and singers Katka Ivanková and Veronika Strapková sang four songs accompanied with pianist Matúš Ferko. The evening’s host was the House of Art Director mrs. Edita Bjeloševičová and the exhibition opened by the curator mr. Norbert Šlachta.

The sale limited edition of 30 signed Fine Art Prints can be viewed from 2nd November 2017 to 31st January 2018 in the exhibition hall of the House of Art Piešťany and you can also buy CD Party in the 21st Century – Selection of the most beautiful Slovak folk songs with love and wedding theme of rearranged into modern music genres.

_MG_6873.jpg (kópia)

Exhibition at Slovak Institute in Vienna 8th November 2017

On 8th November 2017, the Slovak Institute in Vienna, with the participation of all the authors of the project, took a part in the opening of the ,,Party in the 21st Century”, attended by approximately 100 guests. Moderator and host of the evening p. Alena Heribanová presented 10 original paintings and 8 Fine Art Prints to the Austrian audience, the interview with the authors or a performance by Veronika Strapková and Katka Ivanková. The exhibition can be visited from 9 November to 9 December 2017 at the Slovak Institute after a telephone call.


Invitation to the exhibition at Slovak Institute in Vienna 9th November – 8th December 2017

pozvanka Vieden NJ.pdf

Slovak Institute in Vienna

9th November 2017 – 8th December 2017

Wipplingerstrasse 24-26, 1010, Vienna, Austria


Mon – Thur 9.00 – 12.00, 13.00 – 17.00

Fri 9.00 – 12.00, 13.00 – 15.00

Please arrange a date for the tour: si.wien@gmx.at


Invitation to the exhibition in Dom umenia Piešťany 2nd November 2017 – 31st January 2018


Umelecký súbor Lúčnica – Dom umenia Piešťany present:
Party in the 21st Century
An exhibition devoted to the memory of professor Štefan Nosáľ  

Dom umenia Piešťany,  2.11.2017 – 31.01.2018

Opening hours:

Thu – Fri 2pm – 5pm

Sat – Sun 2pm – 6pm

Monday and holiday  – closed

19th December 2017 – 8th January 2018 – closed

“Meet the authors” days:

11th November 2017/ 09th December 2017 / 20th January 2018

Web: http://domumenia-piestany.sk/events/event/party-v-21-storoci-vernisaz-vystavy/


Slovak Day – Ottawa Welcomes the World 1st October 2017

After a September presentation in New York, the paintings went to Canada, directly at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Ottawa, which on 1st October 2017 organized a full-day event called Slovak Day – Ottawa Welcomes the World. The authors of the project presented an exhibition of 11 original paintings and 22 Fine Art Prints with almost 7,000 people and discussed the creation and social and artistic benefits of the project. The amazing atmosphere of the whole day was supplemented by FS Vranovčan, a great attraction was the Slovak ice hockey stars Peter Bondra and Marián Hossa. The fact that Slovakia is a country of good ideas and skilful people has also confirmed other presentations focused on tourism, innovation from the Slovak Republic, modern art and Slovak gastronomy.

LSZL6121 web

Invitation to Slovak Day at Ottawa Welcomes the World


“Party” in United Nations , New York, September 2017


Couture Fashion Week New York 9th September 2017

Slovak Fashion Night (SFN) is an original project that became the most important presentation of Slovak culture and art on the American continent. The 12th Annual Slovak Fashion Night was held during Couture Fashion Week at the Crowne Plaza Times Square, Manhattan, during the Fall New York Fashion Week.

The project was initiated by the +421 Foundation in cooperation with the Consulate General of Slovakia in New York and the NY Couture Fashion Week. Its aim was to present Slovakia in the center of world trade, finance and the fashion industry in an attractive and modern way. The event is a chance for young artists and designers who are courageous, reject artistic stereotypes, and use their creative ideas to enrich individual genres of culture and art – not just in Slovakia, but also in settings where they can command attention in a great international forum at the center of the world, like New York City.

A dominant part of this year’s Slovak Fashion Night 2017 with the subtitle “Blue Danube Romance” was a presentation of unique artwork from Party in the 21st Century. “Parta,” –  wedding headband, were once a traditional part of festive Slovak folk clothing. Now they’ve been transformed into a central element of this unique artistic project that recreates traditional, historical Slovak jewels and reveals our folk traditions in the process. The artistic group of Zuzana Senášiová, Ľubomír Sabo, Katarína Chabrečeková and painter Sarah I. Avni shot and created this limited collection of paintings of our rare historical jewels.


Party in New York invitation


“Slovensko v obrazoch” and Party in the 21st Century

At the beginning of December 2017, you could see us in the program “Slovensko v obrazoch”, where we informed you about the latest opening our exhibition of the “Dom umenia” Piešťany and presented to you the novelty of the CD Party in the 21st century.

You can find the entire report at: http://www.rtvs.sk/televizia/archiv/11756/142434

Folk Expo Slovakia 10th June 2017

On Saturday, 10th June 2017 you could have seen various presentation of projects, events and demonstrations of traditional folk culture as well as contemporary artist in the SĽUK presentation space. “Party in the 21st Century” project exhibition also had its presence, and you could see a part of the collection of these original portraits live. Photographers Ľubomír Sabo and Zuzana Sénášiová together with the ethnologist Katarína Chabrečeková and Patrik Rago personally came to talk about the reasons for creation of this special project trying to raise public awareness about these already forgotten Slovak jewels.

 LSZL5972B copy

Exhibition in REDUTA Bratislava 6th June 2017

In the beautiful areas of Bratislava Reduta we exhibited at the beginning of June as part of the performance of the Slovak folk themes and folklore of a foreign company. Ten unique paintings from “Party in the 21st Century” project, together with the dancing group “Čarovné ostrohy”, created the vibrant atmosphere of this extraordinary evening. Guest were able to see a part of this unique exhibition along with the participation of the authors of the project.


Thank you!

We would like to THANK you all who came to our event and especially partners for enormous support and cooperation. Thanks to you we have managed to start something new and exceptional.

As you may already know, a limited collection of photographs of almost extinct bridal partas and wreaths was created during the three-year intensive collaboration between Zuzana Sénášiová and Ľubomír Sabo from LSZ Photography, painter Sarah I. Avni and ethnologist Katarína Chabrečeková. The expert patronage of the project was accepted by ethnologist Oľga Danglová, CSc.

The ceremonial opening, which took place on the 1st of April, 2017 in the gallery of NRSR at the Bratislava Castle, was attended by 250 VIP guests. An exceptional evening was moderated by Diana Hágerová and the unique atmosphere was emphasized by exclusive folk music with elements of modern music composed by Matúš Ferko together with Veronika Strapková‘s singing performance. Wines „Vila Rača“ and „Palugyay“ were served at the vernissage. Sound and lighting effects were provided by PartyLive.eu, and design of promotional materials was created by Design Service.

05 Bratislavský hrad

The exhibition itself, which took place from the 2nd until the 17th of April 2017 was attended by approximately 6,000 people. This success has also been achieved thanks to a strong media campaign, mostly: Topky.sk partners, Feminity.sk and EXclusive magazine: http://feminity.zoznam.sk/c/899846/video-toto-zvyraznilo-krasu-nasich- Sloveniek-este-more-yourself to-People’s Subjects-of-individual-region-Slovakia
The campaign was supported by billboards and citylights. Online facebook fanpage „Party in the 21st Century“ has been created online, which currently has over 5,000 fans.

The reach of posts during the entire 3-week campaign was up to 196,000, and for videos we had 41,000 views: https://www.facebook.com/party21art/videos/1370485832997136/. You can also learn about our show thanks to „Smotánka“ on TV Markíza

In the course of two years, the „Party in the 21st Century“ project will be exhibited throughout the world. Exhibitions are planned in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in New York, Prague, Vienna and many others.

In Slovakia, besides galleries in Košice, Poprad, Prešov, we want to present this exceptional project also at folklore festivals such as: „Východná“, „Hontianska paráda“ and others.


„Party v 21. storočí“ team

Party 21 kampan

Exhibition at Western terrace of Bratislava Castle

From 2 April  to 17 April 2017 / FREE ADMISSION /


Opening hours

Daily including holidays 10.00 – 19.00
Mondays CLOSED

Exhibition partners

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Exhibition in Brussels

November – December 2016

One of the cultural events of the Slovak Presidency of the EU Council in Brussels, was the exhibition of unique paintings. An impressive execution of those paintings brought outstanding perspective on Slovak culture, as the exhibition was given the honor to symbolically conclude a special year for Slovakia. During the exhibition in the building of the Permanent Representation of the Slovak Republic to the European Union, there were  held various receptions and banquets, attended by representatives of institutions from all 28 EU Member States. The exhibition was open to the public and  the opening was attended by the authors.