ZÁRIEČIE /Stredné Považie/


Two original artworks are available from the ZÁRIEČIE painting – the 2/3 edition (80x120cm) and the 3/3 edition (60x90cm). Edition 1/3 is listed in a private collection. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Exclusively printed on archival paper ILFORD GALLERY Prestige FINE ART TEXTURED, 220g/m2, in museum quality with 100-year color durability guarantee. Manually signed and numbered by authors, with certificate of originality included. The white margins around the print allow easy framing. In this limited edition of Fine Art Print, we guarantee a maximum of 100 pieces of one artwork. Choice of 4 dimensions, prices shown only for the first 40 reproductions.



Happiness, health and love, which were to accompany the young bride on her journey through life, were put into the painting by the artists through the stars. The ‘stars’, based on a decorative embroidered bunting, evoke the well-known works of Takashi Murakami – the founder of the superflat style, but the geometric motif dates from the beginning of the last century. The model’s face is adorned with the symbols of a spider – “klješčáre” and  “hrebíček”, which emerge from the “furma” of the central band on the sleeve cuffs. The painting of Záriečie, as well as the embroidery of Záriečie, is characterised by the variation of the patterns of the individual motifs, which are a painterly original design . The parta in the painting consists of two parts, the lower part is made of a circular band, covered with black cloth and decorated with sewn braids, ‘bortne’ made of sequins and also silver and gold narrow ‘sujtášká’, which created motifs of flowers, petals, strips and waves. The main motif on this section was a 4 or 6 petal flower. The side decoration mostly included motifs in the form of ears, strips, waves and figure eights with small decorations. The back was decorated with embroidered ribbons of one length. The top part of the party wreath consists of an arc of five small cockades (mica) in the shape of a semi-arc. The party in the picture dates from the 1950s.