GERLACHOV /Spiš-Tatry/


Three original artworks are available from the GERLACHOV painting – the 1/3 edition (80x120cm), the 2/3 edition (60x90cm) and the 3/3 edition (120x180cm). If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Exclusively printed on archival paper ILFORD GALLERY Prestige FINE ART TEXTURED, 220g/m2, in museum quality with 100-year color durability guarantee. Manually signed and numbered by authors, with certificate of originality included. The white margins around the print allow easy framing. In this limited edition of Fine Art Print, we guarantee a maximum of 100 pieces of one artwork. Choice of 4 dimensions, prices shown only for the first 40 reproductions.



Strong part of painting of Gerlachov are faunal motives for example rooster and butterfly. Rooster is typical symbol of Gerlachov you are able to find it on many traditional clothing. In traditional use was butterfly symbol of immortality and wild life and its also a part of young girls pinafore. Head decoration of young woman was also “parta”. Typical “parta” of Gerlachov has a crown of double pigtail and “pantľa” of pink stripe. On crown were also placed 6 blue roses ribbons. In middle of roses was wreath secured by needle. Back part was composed of 7 wide stripes, lining down on back. Difference between bride and bridesmaid “parta” was in wreath on crown. Bride´s wreath was of green rosemary and bridesmaid has of fresh small flowers.