zuzka2Internationally awarded photographers Zuzana Sénášiová and Ľubomír Sabo, who photograph under the brand of LSZ Photography, bring two independent insights on the unique artistic harmony in their work. The basis for all photographs are original ideas, which result in an unusual and engaging adaptation. For their work it is characteristic to capture and emphasize the beauty and nature of Slovak women. The cooperation of male and female photographers, brings dynamics, creativity and a perfect combination that can be seen on the pictures. Winning the first place at a prestigious competition TREND ASIA AWARDS 2014 in China in the category of Asian Top Trend Photographer only spotlights their quality. They also photographed dozens of coverages and editorials in domestic and foreign magazines and became the official photographers of Miss Slovakia 2016.

The depth of the idea that loudly breaths through an artistic expressions, is presented in their latest project “Party in the 21st Century”. With the help of ethnologists and other artists, this idea was being created for nearly three years. Almost extinct cultural “jewels” of Slovakia brings a modern look especially to the younger generation. The study of historical sources, selection of festive “party”and wreaths, photo compositions and authentic folk ornaments, represent an important part of the painting along with face paintings on canvas. It embodies the project’s return to folk traditions and values, with artistic execution which purposely appeals to the current generation.

How did the idea of the project arise?

lubosWe started with a clear idea to connect the Folk heritage  with an artistic processing that will appeal to the audience, which mostly consists of younger generation. It should also engage professional public and with its uniqueness we want to introduce the Slovak cultural heritage to people at home and abroad and also to Slovak people living around the world.

In cooperation with ethnologist Katarína Chabrečeková, which has become a guarantor of the project, and significantly participated in creating the whole idea of this project, we have made a selection of traditional “party” and wreaths from all over Slovakia, and also  plunged deeper into the history of folk clothing. We searched for ornaments and symbolism of folk traditions to photograph every detail, and fulfill the intentions of the project. We have selected a team of young artists, professionals in their artistic field, who contributed to the resulting limited collection of photo-paintings with their professional approach. We ourselves have been more and more fascinated by the variety and richness of our cultural heritage during working on this project.

Our goal was to create a project that truly captures the history, but also has a modern twist to it. It was important to also catch the attention of young people and encourage them to be more pride of where they come from. We kept the tradition that “party” could be only worn by childless, single girls, therefore our models embodied these attributes. Ornaments on the faces of models and paintings on canvas are represented by folk motives, that originally come from the regions from where the “party” originated. The styling and photograph composition reflects historical footage. The models put themselves in the role’s of future brides and in the severity of the festive moments that were expressed in their faces. Parts of folk clothes that appear in the photos, come from the same villages as the “party”. Due to this fact, our project is exceptional, and we are proud that we could penetrate into the Slovak history and highlight the charm and richness of our folklore.


sarahSarah is a renowned Slovak artist whose works are easily recognizable thanks to a specific structure creating impasto effect, precious metals, gilding techniques and mixed pigments. These allow her to play more effectively with light and shadows. She is inspired more by the eastern philosophy and its approach than by western painting. In 2015, she was ranked by an international cultural portal among 10 Slovak artists you should  know. She is also the author of the world’s best sport-themed stamp from 2011 awarded by the Stamp News.

In her work she processes ideas of freedom, light, floral patterns and ornaments into a creation of the main theme – a rose, which is a symbol of a woman in many cultures. Currently, she is more interested in abstract artwork. The artist presented her illustrations in galleries throughout Europe and some of her pieces can be found in the collections of art collectors from Russia, Switzerland,  Great Britain, China or USA.

Why do I take part in this art project?

“Creating this limited “parta” edition is an amazing experience based on a collaboration of different artists working with different media types. Every one of them applied the best of his know-how, giving each picture a new perspective and dimensions. I drew from the traditions and patterns of the specific Slovak regions. Respecting their roots, I tried to go a little bit further and make them appealing to the people of today, to create timeless patterns. My methods were inspired by William Morris – a famous English artist – an author of patterns and a textile designer of the 19th century – whose patterns are still used today. Slovak folklore can, too, be a source of inspiration and beauty even in the 21st century.”


kateEthnologist, a guarantor of the project. She was also the first person who initiated the idea to raise awareness about the nearly forgotten head accessories of Slovak past and to present its unique beauty and rarity. She collaborated with other professionals and public in order to obtain information that is used in the project. She still continues to deepen her knowledge about traditional „party“ which she wants to publish it later.

Why I initiated the idea to revive our cultural heritage?

“My core idea was to show the real condition of „party“ since the 20th century to the present. And through this project the long forgotten and lost fragments of our Slovak  were able to combine with modern culture and vision of our artists who participated. The result will represent Slovakia not only at home but also in the world and it will  hopefully encourage people in tracing history of their region. I am proud that we are the country where: ” with every crossed hill, a different folk costume you shall find.”


Popular makeup artist is participating in the project with her unique face paintings . Thanks to its creativity, talent, energy and modern artistic vision she interprets the traditions and folklore in an exclusive way which makes it attractive for the young generation.ada

What was her artistic contribution to the project?

“The authors of the project came with a possibility of something completely new and different where I can fully express my creativity. Each face painting was individual and required a very specific approach, which was extremely motivating. By combining elements of folklore with other Slovak ornaments, original face paintings were born, which showed the richness and diversity of our regions and villages in Slovakia.”


A representative of the younger generation of ethnologists, who literally breathes for the Slovak history, traditions and folk costumes since his childhood. He is a passionate collector of folk costumes, some of which were created by him.pato2

He paints ribbons and ornaments on the costumes, produces embroidery and is interested in old techniques of making accessories. Mr. Rago then his experiences translates into face paintings and exclusively for this project he reconstructed the „parta“ from Veľký Lom.

The idea of the project approached him?
“I think it is a great idea of how the traditional culture is brought closer to people who are not familiar with it in this unusual way. I myself learned a lot and got inspired, so it has been a real pleasure for me to work on this project which brought me enormous motivation.”