Limited edition of paintings of nearly extinct Slovak “parta” is an unique joint project of photographers Ľubomír Sabo and Zuzana Sénášiová, artist Sarah I. Avni and ethnologist Katarína Chabrečeková. Its aim is to revive and promote the traditional culture and customs of Slovakia and present them to the today’s generation in a modern art-way. The uniqueness of these original paintings is rare combination of art-photography, facepainting and artistic painting. During last 4 years have been made 42 original paintings  and at the same time have been “reborn” and documented 42 “party” from all regions of Slovakia. More than 300,000 people visited 30 exhibitions all around the world: Brussels, Berlin, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague, Pyeongchang, Ottawa, New York, Washington, Košice, Brno etc.. Thanks to great success, authors are preparing over 20 exhibitions over the next two years. The project is equally emphasized by originally composed fashion show in traditional wedding costumes and headbands and accompanying music that combines original, folk music with elements of the modern contemporary genres. Since 2018, exhibition is representing Slovak art and culture under the official brand GOOD IDEA SLOVAKIA for the best Slovak projects.

01cerovo-copy“parta” (sg) / “party” (pl): is a type of a fancy headband, the symbol of adult unmarried girls. It was worn mainly by brides at their wedding ceremonies in the past and it was a part of a festive and ceremonial hair styling. Being the most important and beautiful component of the wedding costume, it has always been richly decorated and it was unique in every region of Slovakia. It varied in shapes, sizes, materials used, ribbons and accessories. “Party” in Slovakia have different local names, for example  “vinec”“odkonka”“pantlík”“vjenec”“stuški” etc. The basis of “parta” was formed from a cardboard strip which was coiled into a circle that was sewn by textiles – most often velvet, which was accompanied by sewn beads, decorative ribbons called “bortne” or metallic lace. Ribbons of different lengths, which hung around the face or down the back, represented an important feature of every “parta”. At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of 20th century, wedding “parta” was gradually replaced with a wreath made from artificial flowers and a veil.

A “parta” used to be a traditional part of folk costumes for young childless girls in the 17th and 20th century. It has become a central element of a unique art project, which aims to regenerate Slovak treasures, which are slowly being forgotten. The project goes through numerous artistic spectrums and maps the variety and diversity of almost every extinct “party” and wreaths from the original regions of Slovakia. It becomes important for cultural heritage to preserve and symbolically reveal folk traditions to a current spectator.17-velky-lom2-copy

The artistic duo LSZ PHOTOGRAPHY in accordance with traditions and ways of ancestors took pictures of only young, single and childless girls. A mean of modern expression is an artistic way of face paintings based on traditional ornaments, and folk costumes to which a specific “parta” belonged. On the pictures we can see beautiful Slovak actresses, singers, presenters, models and businesswomen. The reference of a historical photograph mingles with the current embodiment of art photography, where models put themselves into the feelings of the brides and express them how it used to be back in the past. On the photographs you can watch humbleness and seriousness of the moment which is completed by a modern vision of the photographers. Two “party” in this limited edition of paintings are worn by painter Sarah I. Avni and ethnologist Katarína Chabrečeková. Both can fully identify themselves with the project; therefore it was a natural decision to choose them as models.

Sou16-ziranybrces for the preparation of compositions were contemporary sources, which described the seriousness of exceptional moments. Photographs are filled with sense of symbolism and respect for Slovak traditions, while delivering a wide range of emotions and artistic representation that is looking at history through the lens of the modern world, close to the current young generation.

Artistically shot photographs are finished by hand-painted ornaments on the face. These photographs are printed on canvas and the painter Sarah I. Avni outstandingly completed the final version of them. With the use of acrylic paintings, the artist created a background for each photograph that comes from the folk elements of each “parta” from certain villages and regions in Slovakia. The result is a series of an eye-catching paintings that represent abundance and diverse character of Slovak folk heritage. Ideological stratification of the project and attention to every detail show that “Party in the 21st Century” project represent a strong artistic and historical legacy.

During four years of intense and dedicated work, more than 400 people got involved in the project. Very important was a team of ethnologists, who oversaw the use of exactness of “party” and festive wreaths. Thanks to their relevant expertise, they w02pribelce-copyere able to contribute to the reconstruction of four no longer existing “party”. From an ethnological point of view, this is the greatest benefit to the Slovak cultural heritage. The uniqueness of the project is equally emphasized by originally composed music that combines original, folk music with elements of the current/modern contemporary genres.

Limited edition of paintings is produced by mixed technology – artistic photography with acrylic paintings on canvas. Each painting from this limited edition has the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and will be made only in three dimensions: 60×90 cm, 80×120 cm and 120×80 cm.

Each original painting is also available in special edition of 100 pieces of Fine art prints. They comes in archival quality, numbered, certifikated and signed by authors. You can choose from 4 sizes: 30×40 cm (A3),  40×60 cm (A2),  60×90 cm (A1), 80×120 cm (A0).